Social Media for Holiday Shopping

With holiday shopping in full swing, consumers are looking for all types of products and services that are unique, useful/user friendly, thoughtful, and perfect for that special family member, friend, colleague, spouse, or significant other. Social media including Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and Google ads offer great platforms to promote holiday specials for products and services as well as provide recommendations and reviews to assist in the purchase decision.

A common theme for holiday promotions has been the 12 Days Before Christmas where companies offer a different product or service at a discounted price or rate each day for 12 days. These daily promotions keep the consumer interested in what will be offered each day and increases traffic to their website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Google ad, etc. to drive more sales and profit.

Some companies feature their holiday promotion then ask customers to post a review of the product or service as an avenue to validate a positive review or recommendation to influence other potential customers to buy the product. People trust the recommendations from friends, family, and other people more than a company advertisement. Key elements in making a purchasing decision is will the product or service meet a need and is there value vs just buying something that is a good deal or cheap price.

A bonus for social media platforms in holiday promotions is increasing their likes, friends, followers, subscribers, and views when people want to participate and take advantage of the special deals.


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