Social-Digital Trends 2013

Now that we are just few days away from the new year, let’s take a look of what will be the social –digital dominating trends in 2013, according to an interesting article posted in Social Media Today by David Armano from Edelman Digital:

  1. The Content Economy:  Content may become your company’s most valuable asset in 2013. The algorithms now are good enough now that the most compelling content dominates search results (e.g. Google). Organizations must create compelling content to exploit this. In 2013, content will not only be king, but queen, prince and jester, too.
  2. Cyborg Central: Think your mobile phone is making you part computer? Now it has accomplices. Gadgets like “fuel bands” and Google Glasses are just a preview of what we’ll see more of in 2013 as we begin to mesh machines with humans. As we move into the next year, the phrase “personal computing” will begin to take on another meaning.
  3.  The Smobile Web Social + mobile = “smobile.”:  While there’s no real insight in pointing out that both mobile and social are going to be big in 2013, I believe they’re becoming co-dependent, and most businesses aren’t ready for that. A smobile Web means your customers, coworkers and colleagues expect their digital experiences will be optimized for mobile/social sharing and as a result spend less time tethered to a PC or television. Will you be ready for the smobile web?
  4.  Sensory Intelligence Sensors will get smarter and become more pervasive: We already have cars that can help us parallel park and seats that vibrate if we’re too close to another vehicle. We have thermostats that learn based on how you use them, eventually programming themselves. In 2013. Sensors will be everywhere, in our homes, transportation, technology, and clothing. They will become a part of our lives and will tie into our existing devices and networks, If our plants need water, we’ll get a text or tweet, and even a note of thanks. Now that’s smart.
  5.  Social Commerce: In many ways, social has mirrored the original digital revolution. And when digital took on transactions and financial exchanges, things really picked up. So it will go for social as we begin to buy each other gifts through social networks or even set up a storefront. The idea of social commerce isn’t new, but signs indicate that 2013 may be the year it actually begins to coalesce.
  6. Data Surplus, Insight Deficit “: The cloud,” “social data,” or the overhyped macro label, “big data” will dominate the tech conversation. While it’s true that more of our data is being collected, mined and stored, that doesn’t mean people know what to do with it. There aren’t enough qualified human beings (analysts, sociologists, strategists, anthropologists etc) to mine all this data. But this won’t last for long. 2013 may be the year we focus less on data and start thinking about how to understand, interpret and make good use of it.

Whether it’s content, data, sensors, smobile, or feeling like we’ve become one with technology, 2013 should be an exciting year for the social-digital revolution as it continues to change the game.

The complete article can be accessed in the following link:


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