Facebook versus Google Plus: It’s all about who came first

It is interesting to analyze these two social media channels, and in particular, what went wrong for Google.  According to CNN on July 2012, Facebook users have 900 million monthly active users, compared to Google Plus 150 million.  Besides this huge difference in numbers, it has been demonstrated that people spend much more time on Facebook than in Google Plus.  And this is basically due to the fact that Google Plus seems pretty much like a city in the desert, as The Atlantic stated. They also add this sad but true phrase: “People are “on” Google Plus, but they are not really ON Google Plus.”

In my humble opinion, what went wrong for Google was that they joined the party too late. In my personal experience, I created a Facebook account on 2007. Google Plus just appeared last year, and despite I joined them to find out what was this about, I found that none of my friends were there. Then, how do I convince my 250 friends on Facebook to create an account on Google Plus? How can I just abandon four years of posts, pictures, etc, for an empty ground?

This has nothing to do with the quality. Actually, I thing Google Plus have some interesting features, as creating circles to categorize people and then choose only  some circles to share some content.  On the other hand, the possibility to have video chats with more than one person seems awesome to me. I always use Skype to talk to my family, but I didn’t want to pay to talk to my sister and my mother at the same time.  And Google plus allows me to do that!

I think Google Plus has the potential to be a good platform, just not good enough to compete with Facebook in the same social “arena”. Their strategy must move toward enhancing current Google products and I think they have the smart people to do so.


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