Using Twitter for Live and Interactive Sports Event Coverage

By using social media platforms like Twitter, you do not have to attend a popular sports event to get live updates as the competition is progressing and the winners are determined. Twitter is an ideal platform to provide your audience with live coverage of an event while showing photos and sharing conversation about the competitors in action. Now you do not have to wait until an event is finished to wait for the results and photos to be posted on a website since you can see what transpired during the event on Twitter. Live event coverage offers the opportunity to actively interact and exchange a conversation or comment with other people while the action is progressing in real time. Competitors can review and respond to their tweets before, during (maybe not), and after the event to see what their fans and followers think and feel about their performance and/or event.

Live event coverage on Twitter can be shared between other media sources both for the event itself as well as with other groups or organizations within the community. Twitter allows a broad audience to see action photos and conversation of an event when the event director and staff may not have the resources to capture all the content themselves and stream it live. Unlike watching a sports event on TV, Twitter can be followed anywhere and anytime so people can be mobile and go about their business.

Another benefit of using Twitter is the time and convenience factor. People can tweet at the appropriate or key time during an event or just when it is convenient. The audience can respond back just the same. You can be mobile and just have your phone handy to tweet and take photos or video so no more lugging around cameras and other equipment often to remote locations to catch the action.

It is exciting to know that more extensive sports event coverage is possible real time, and you do not have to be there to get a piece of the action.


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