Good things about living in the Bay area

This time I wanted to write something a little bit more personal rather than informative.  The reason why I’m doing this is because I realized that only have six month left here in the US, so I would like to share with you what are the things I’m going to miss the most once I come back to my country, Chile.

The first one is definitely Amazon. We have a prime account, so we basically can buy anything online and it will be outside our house in two or three days. And what is best, nobody steels it from your door! You can find so many cheap things, particularly books or toys. In Chile, you don’t find all this variety of toys (for my little one), and if you do, the price is three times higher.

Some other very important things that I’m going to miss are green areas in general. I love the number of parks that the Bay area has. So far, my favorite places are: Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park in San Francisco and Tilden Park in Berkeley. But there are a bunch of common areas around here that you can visit on your weekends.  I’ve lived in Santiago de Chile all my life, and very day we have more buildings and fewer trees.  The city is also much polluted since is surrounded by mountains.  And despite is one of the safest cities in latinamerica, still I wouldn’t buy a house to live there.  I would only feel safe living on an apartment. Believe me, children need a lot of space, so living in an apartment isn’t one of the best scenarios.

Finally, I will miss the cultural diversity that you see here. There are so many different options when you want to go out and have dinner! You can have either Indian food, or Thai, or Vietnamese. Chile is a country that is so isolated that we barely have immigrants. And again, since we live at the end of the world, everything is limited and expensive.

The good thing though, is that Chile is an amazing country. If you read this, I hope you consider visiting Chile someday. Since it’s such a long country, you will find desert in the north and ice in the very south. And since it’s a very thin country, it will take you an hour to go either to sky at the mountains or take a bath at the Pacific Ocean.  And people are just very friendly!


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