On average Facebook posts only reach 16% of your Facebook page likes. How can we increase this? How does Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm works?

Such popular questions lately as most businesses are struggling to keep up with changes via Facebook let alone Google!. Each business is unique and has a unique following, so most = formula based solutions will work for some and not others.  However, there is one common rule that applies for all businesses: The more engagement, the more your fans will see. If what you’re posting is generating likes, comments and shares the post will be seen by more of your fans. Like every other aspect of social media, this just comes down to sourcing and posting good content that your fans enjoy and will resonate with them. Unless you have an endless budget for promoting posts, then focus on great content.

Also, it is important to remember that social media is used for consumer engagement, therefore, post content that will create a call to action to engage with your customers through incentives, contests, etc…

Understanding FB’s algorithm is also very important. EdgeRank is just as valuable to know as Google’s Penguin update and Panda update. It is important to understand the variables that compose the Facebook algorithm, which are:

  • The Affinity Score:  It measures the affinity between two users
  • The Weight Score:  Measures the importance of an object you create in terms of the resulting action and like a comment, share or like
  • The Recency Score: It is based on the time the object was posted.

The link below includes good information about Facebook EdgeRank score. It is very important to understand how it works, so you can maximize your budget and efforts on Facebook.  Knowledge is everything!



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