Do Not Underestimate

As a Revenge (TV show) fan, I was a witness of a major marketing social media campaign roll-out a couple Sunday nights ago.

During the whole hour episode, we were surprised with click such as this one every time the show would get into a commercial break…it was so seamless that for a minute we would get confused if it was the actual show or not….

As a marketing professional I was impressed by the quality of the production and could not stop thinking about costs. It was such a nice and well done campaign, but I did not quite understand the message. The only thing I got from that is that it might have cost a fortune and that I had never seen anything similar. And that was it!

Sure enough, apparently I was not alone. A week after I can find many explanations and analyses of that campaign. Yes, it was very innovative, and so cutting edge that was not thought through it. Lots of mistakes were done and the message got lost!

We are stepping in a very new marketing world of possibilities and before we get all caught up on all the possibilities, we as Marketers, need to remember what is our ultimate goal. Get the message across. Being creative, cutting-edge, call attention, that is all super cool…as long as we can get our message across, otherwise…at the end of your campaign your public will be left with more questions about your brand, if they can actually remember which brand was that…

Here is a blog that pointed out three important points about that campaign:

Lesson to learn, the power of marketing and social media nowadays is very strong and should not been underestimated. Nowadays, the non-conventional marketing is the most effective tool we have ever handled, and as it can build you it also can kill you…with the same intensity.


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