Changing The Business Culture

After reading through early chapters of Michael Brito’s Smart Business, Social Business book, I recognized some companies that definitely fell into the “Centralized Silo” system. From executive management trickling down to middle management, there was a distinct barrier or gate between each level of management which limited open communicate and employee contribution to collaborate in identifying issues, solving problems, participating in innovation, and improving processes to move business in a more effective and efficient manner.  If more top level managers would listen and explore the recommendations from other employees who do the specific departmental or group day in and day out work then there would be a work environment where everyone feels they can make a difference or at least attempt to.

By shifting to a “Decentralized Silo” system, a business can create an open and collaborative environment where an employee’s good idea outside of their job responsibilities might solve a problem or meet a need of another employee or group. This concept holds true through use of social media where companies can allow employees and customers  to voice an opinion, problem, or need and the appropriate people can act to provide the solution, benefit or value to that customer.


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