The Power of Social Media

Welcome to Group #4!

As our first post, I would like to point out the power of social media!

With the help of videos & pictures posted on social websites and the high number of sharing of those, SFPD has recently been able to arrest Gregory Graniss and Devon Riley.

Gregory Graniss is responsible for the Muni bus vandalism during a celebration of the Giants’ World Series victory. In the picture he is seen with a raised metal barricade, smashing the windshield of a Muni bus. After his attack the bus was set ablaze and badly damaged. Nobody was hurt but Muni officials say it will cost $300,000 to repair the bus.

Devon Riley is the Mohawk punky-looking, fare-evading cyclist that attacked, hitting and kicking, a Muni station agent who was trying to stop him from bringing the bicycle onto the platform. The 55-year-old Muni station agent suffered serious injuries to his head and upper body and has not been able to return to work.

Let’s keep up the good work of spreading the word at the speed of our internet connection!


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